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Find out why fingers are better than keys


Every business needs to be confident that their premises, stock and people are safe, secure and protected. Biometric access control can seem futuristic, but in fact, offers many advantages over standard security solutions and is surprisingly affordable!

Biometric Access Control By Almas Industries

Fingers Are Better Than Keys

Almas Fingerprint Access Control gives companies a flexible and affordable management tool to determine exactly who can gain entry to various areas within their premises, and when.

No need for pin codes, fobs, swipe cards or keys – all of which can be lost, stolen, lent or forgotten or subject to abuse and can cost money to replace!

Biometric fingerprint readers give you an access control system that cannot be falsified.

Staff Time & Attendance & Management

How much time do you spend collating and working out staff hours at the end of each month? How do you check whether their hours are correct?

Familiarity between teams and junior management can lead to tardiness or absence going unreported.

Do you change your locks every time a key is lost, or change the pin code every time a staff member leaves? Of course not. How many times have swipe cards not been returned when an employee leaves or contract finishes?

It makes great sense for out of hours working when some staff may need to come in outside the normal times. Just tell the system who is expected at that time and their fingerprint will let them through.

Biometric Access Control By Almas Industries
Biometric Access Control By Almas Industries

Simple and Easy to Use

The Almas system registers all users and can ‘suspend’ leavers or non-payers in a matter of seconds. You can limit people’s access by letting the system know which doors they are allowed through and not and at what times they are permitted to enter the premises.

It maybe that people are allowed access to the main office but only a select few to the accounts office, stock room or the server room.

Simple and effective reporting; the Almas Industries Biometric Access Control System logs every time a door is opened and by whose fingerprint.

A Competitive Advantage

Many of our customers highlight that having biometric access control sets them apart from their competition, their customers perceive the business as being concerned with security and safety.

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Security Solutions Experts

Almas Industries are experts in security solutions for businesses from one employee to 5 to 50,000 employees. We also provide CCTV and intruder alarms with full monitoring options. Don’t run foul of data protection laws, get in touch with the experts and we can advise you of your responsibilities and the best solutions for your company.

Affordable, Full Service Solutions.

We offer a range of payment options, including no upfront cost. Our R&D company manufactures our Almas Industries biometric readers and develop the software in accordance with ISO9001:2008 regulations. Our customers have access to a technical hotline 24/7 and customer service is our priority.


We will conduct a free site security audit and help you identify and assess any vulnerabilities in your current set up. Send us an email or call us to arrange a no-obligation visit from one of our team.