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There are over 25,000 installations of Almas Industries solutions in businesses across Europe. We deal with businesses from 5 to 50,000 employees, our solutions are scalable and there is a range of payment plans available.

Almas Industries provides cost effective, easy to use security solutions including biometric access control, CCTV and intruder alarms. From the moment you make contact, we are focussed on you and the needs of your organisation.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems By Almas Industries

We provide fingerprint access control; cutting edge technology but packaged so that it is easy to use, quick and reliable, with a full support service so you have complete peace of mind.

As the requirements for security and safeguarding are becoming ever heightened, there is no better method of controlling the access of employees, contractors, clients and members then through their fingerprint. It cannot be lost, lent, stolen, or left at home.

Almas software and equipment is highly flexible; biometric readers can be installed on doors, turnstiles, barriers, gates or walls. You can set timeframes and dates when access will be allowed.

As security needs change or personnel come and go, Almas biometric access security software can be edited by you, thereby keeping you in total control of who accesses your building and when.

CCTV Solutions & Monitoring

CCTV Solutions By Almas Industries

Whether you have one area you want to view, or a whole site, Almas Industries will work with you to find the best solution. Our expert team can identify whether an analogue or IP solution would be better and will explain the differences to you. We will conduct a site survey and advise as to privacy considerations.

There is also the option to have the cameras monitored out of hours by our state of the art monitoring centre; in the event of an incident when the premises are closed, the police can be alerted or security guards dispatched to site to investigate a possible break in or incident.

We will advise you on your responsibilities with regards to handling and storing CCTV data and ensure that you have the correct signage and whether you need to register with the data commissioner.

Alarm Solutions & Monitoring

Alarm Security By Almas Industries

Intruder alarms serve two purposes in the fight against crime. Firstly, as a deterrent, and secondly, allowing business owners to act quickly and efficiently if a burglary does take place.


In a survey conducted in America, 60% of burglars surveyed said they wouldn’t attempt a burglary if there was an intruder alarm and if discovered there was an alarm during the attempt, around half would discontinue the intrusion.

Effectively, it can be deduced that an intruder alarm could deter up to 80% of burglars from following through an intrusion of a protected property.


Intruder alarms can be configured to initiate different responses in the event that the alarm is activated; the alarm can inform an elected key holder, an ARC monitoring centre or the Gardai/ Police, or a combination of all three.

Being informed while an intrusion is still happening gives keyholders the chance to act expediently and limit the damage done to their business.

Receive activation alerts on a smartphone, coupled with CCTV to be able to dial in and see in real time if there is an intruder, gives you the evidence to act expediently.


All Almas security solutions can be controlled and accessed via your smartphone, or internet*. Check on your business from anywhere with CCTV. Open doors remotely for visitors or deliveries.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Time And Attendance Solutions By Almas Industries

Time & Attendance solutions benefit businesses in two main ways:

Preventing Time Theft: this includes everything from being late to taking a longer lunch than allotted, or clocking in for a friend when they’re late to work, otherwise known as “buddy punching.”

Whether intentional or innocuous, time theft can be costly, and automated time and attendance systems prevent it altogether. HR Zone recommends biometric time and attendance systems because they stop all ‘buddy punching’ and give a business absolute proof that is sufficiently robust to be used in disciplinary proceedings.

According to research by the British Heart Foundation, smoking breaks cost British business £8.4 billion pounds annually in lost productivity.*2014 survey Biometric access software monitors the breaks and actual working hours; this improved control translates to greater productivity within your workforce.

Reducing Payroll Administration: checking timesheets, collating timesheets and calculating hours are arduous and time-consuming tasks for any business operator. Save time by accessing attendance reports in one ‘click’.

Time and Attendance module also allows employees to request annual leave entitlement, make absence requests and check their actual rescheduled hours, reducing HR administration in addition to payroll.


Getting in touch with Almas Industries is easy. You can call us on 0844 995 94 54 or click here to send us a confidential email.

There is no obligation on your behalf when contacting us and we are more than happy to discuss your security needs and see if we can help you in achieving them.